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Month: May 2015

Kitchen Remodel: STEP 5 Fixture & Finish Selections Streamlined

Posted in expansion, interior design, and steps to your remodel

A challenging point in the kitchen remodel process for many home owners is their Fixture & Finish selections.  We recommend our clients strive to make final selections promptly by completing selections for each key element of their kitchen before moving on to the next.  Indecision will cost you in additional…

Kitchen Remodel: STEP 4 Creating a BUDGET

Posted in interior design, planning, and steps to your remodel

An important step in the kitchen remodel process is creating a Project Budget, which we recommend at the early stages of planning to assist our clients determine the total cost of the project they have envisioned. This is the fourth step in our process of renovating a kitchen. What should be included…

Kitchen Remodel STEP 3: NEW APPLIANCES Making Selections

Posted in expansion, and interior design

The next step in the kitchen remodel process we suggest is to Visit a Home Appliance Store, to help our clients’ survey the kitchen appliance marketplace to narrow down the infinite choices of equipment available. This is the third step in our process of updating or remodeling a kitchen. Buyers beware appliance selection…