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Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #4, 5 & 6

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Today’s blog post is the second post in our series titled Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals. To help consumer’s navigate through the process of setting up a home office, we suggest they begin with these first four steps featured in our first post on…

Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #1-3 for Busy Professionals

Posted in business, interior design, small business, and steps to your remodel

As an interior designer it is our job to educate and assist our clients in creating the space they desire.  In our last series of blog posts we outline the best practices to obtain a beautiful and functional kitchen, in our series titled SIX STEPS to Streamline the (Kitchen Remodel)…

Kitchen Remodel: STEP 6 Construction – Expect the Unexpected

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Another tough point in the kitchen remodel process for many home owners is transitioning between the planning process with your designer as lead, to the construction phase with the contractor as orchestrator.  An experienced contractor once told me “there are ALWAYS unexpected matters that arise during construction”. Since we cannot…