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Day 42 of Quarantine

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April 25, 2020  / Day 42 Quarantine Gratitude List: health, home, fresh-baked bread, and locally grown strawberries.

Many cultures around the world have a time-honored period of confinement, define by the first forty days after a woman gives birth so that the mother (and father) may focus on bonding with their new infant. This traditional time of staying home allows for rest and recovery but also focuses on delaying the time to transition back into the world by creating an intentional rhythm within the home before widening a family’s circle.  In my mind, these past six weeks of quarantine have been a reset to prioritizing our most basic human needs above those of the outside world in a similar way to this maternal confinement.

Prioritizing caring for myself during quarantine has been the BEST way to care for my whole family! Focusing on maintaining my health, eating healthy, drinking water, daily exercise, and time spent unplugged from technology with my husband and children is setting a much needed internal rhythm during this period of uncertainty.

Over the last few decades, our society at large has continued to dictate that our focus is on consumerism, convenience, and working faster, telling the world’s citizens that striving for more money, stuff, and invasive technology should be our individual focus. I’ve tried to push back on these messages over the last five years, by embracing minimalism in both my physical and digital worlds. Already having knowledge of the less is more mindset, the Covid-19 quarantine has taught me not to take for granted having both my basic and psychological needs met. I have been reminded over and over, that my basic needs of access to quality food, water, shelter, and sleep, plus psychological needs of connection and belonging within a family, friends, and community are of the utmost importance.

Today, I was able to walk into our town center to the Farmer’s Market and purchase freshly baked bread, same-day harvested lettuce, and fresh strawberries.  In the not so distant past, this outing would have been one of a dozen things I rushed to get done on my weekend. Now it is my only outing into the world at large in over a week, it brings me unbelievable joy and gratitude for what I have in the present.

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