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Day 55 of Quarantine

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May 8, 2020 / Day 55 Quarantine Gratitude List: healthy, employed, fresh flowers, a good book & glass of wine.

It has become more apparent with each passing week that we as a nation are only at the beginning of this pandemic. Every few days the spread of the virus is illustrated in the total number of those infected through the positive test results for Covid-19 reported in the news. I continue to remain at home with my family. We limit our contact with the outside world to walks with social distancing and trips for groceries with our cloth masks and an almost empty bottle of hand sanitizer.  I work remotely on a few projects that will be complete within the month.  My children go through the motion of daily online school.  I feel stressed and anxious that I may not have a job on my summer birthday. I wonder if my children are learning much if anything during the second half of their this school year.  It is very hard to focus and I imagine that I may be forgetting important details in everything.

Overall, upon reflection, I am fortunate for all that I do have today.  During this quarantine, maybe for the first time in my adult life, I am truly in the present. I relish the smell of blooming flowers from my garden and truly enjoy the time to read the paper with coffee on my back porch on Sundays. I feel accomplished that I finally figured out how to download an ebook from the library app onto my well used digital reader. I look forward to a rare glass of wine to celebrate the end of another day and hope for us all for tomorrow. 

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