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Day 72 of Quarantine

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May 25, 2020  / Day 72 of Quarantine Gratitude list:  good health, nutritious food & Sunday NYTimes

I have struggled to comprehend the amount of suffering and sorrow Covid-19 has inflicted. Though I read the updated daily numbers of cases and deaths reported in my state and country in the newspapers. It is still hard to comprehend this level of sorrow on a daily basis. I try to understand, to wrap my mind around how many of my fellow citizens have lost their lives to this highly contagious and often deadly virus, which has spread so far and wide across all 50 states and our territories.

Then yesterday, I pulled the weekly rolled-up newspaper from the plastic bag on my driveway on an overcast Sunday morning. It fell open in my hands, the cover page a list of 1,100 names of Americans who have died in only a few months from this virus. The entire front page and more filled with their names, home towns, states, and a small description of their life. The names of mothers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents.  Some young, many old; regular citizens, but all grieved for by loved ones. I think of each of them, each name is spoken in a whisper as the sun tried to break through the clouds in the sky on a quiet Sunday morning in a small southern town.

The New York Times explains that this list of names is only the representation, a selection to illustrate1% of those who have died thus far in our country during this pandemic to mark the passing as the death toll tally passes the100,000 mark here.  It is hard but we must try to live in the present during this time of quarantine. I am present with my grief, today I am reminded your loved one is not a number, they are remembered as a life lived, they are all of our fellow citizens and they are part of our country’s history, part of Memorial Day felt by my heart.

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