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Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #7, 8, 9 & 10

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Today’s blog post is the final post in our series titled Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy ProfessionalsIn this post we will discuss the final steps in the process:  Numbers Seven: Importance of Ergonomics, Eight: Selecting a Desk & Storage, Nine:  Personalize for Comfort and Ten: Hire a Professional.

Here is a summary of each of these last four steps:

Seven:  Importance of Ergonomics   Beyond comfort, ergonomics keeps your body properly aligned to insure good health within a work setting. The very basic factors to consider for correct SOHO ergonomics are the height or your desk, keyboard, mouse pad, the height and angle of your monitor, the design and adjustability of your chair plus your working habits.

Eight: Selecting a Desk & Storage   Consider how much space you have, take the actual dimensions of the room plus any doors, halls, stairways and elevators the furniture needs to pass through to enter your office space. One rule in planning a home office is every efficient office needs one cabinet (or box) for filing and one paper management tray at the minimum.

Nine:  Personalize for Comfort   One of the many perks to setting up your own office is you can add items that reflect your interests and personality.  Add personalized photos, fabric tack board, potted plants, artwork and other fun, funky, functional items that will inspire creativity.

Our last step is a final word of advice on the topic of setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals.  Step Ten: Now that you have an understanding all the factors that affect your office environment and the time needed to create a functional SOHO, you will want to consider hiring a professional interior designer.  A great way to locate a professional in our area is to visit the International Interior Design Association website for a comprehensive list.

Enhance daily joy by creating a Functional Home Office. The JOY of Design.

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