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Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #4, 5 & 6

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Today’s blog post is the second post in our series titled Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals.

To help consumer’s navigate through the process of setting up a home office, we suggest they begin with these first four steps featured in our first post on SOHO topic, then follow up with these next three steps for gaining a both a functional and beautiful work space:

Tip 4: Consider Color   One of the most economical ways to add interest to your office is through the use of color in interior paint. Consider your personal preferences as well as the psychological effects of the color before you make your selection.  You can also make a bold statement with a simple white paint and add color in fabrics, artwork and window coverings for effect.

Tip 5:  Effects of Light   Always consider the location of windows and the direction they face to determine what time of day you get direct sunlight.  If natural light is not a factor in your office, consider overhead ambient lighting as well as individual task lights for each work area and if your work includes late niters remember to check that you have the correct amount of light for dark evenings.

Tip 6: Distraction of Noise   If you have never been home during the day, take some time to evaluate the different exterior noise levels you can hear from your new office through-out a typical business day.  You may find that your neighbor’s wood shop can be heard from across the lawn or the rush hour traffic is louder that you ever imagined.

These second three steps of our Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals calls for you to tap into your basic senses to help in the process of designing your space.  Set aside time this week to access your color preferences, light levels and noise distractions that affect the quality of your work space.

In our next blog post we will discuss the final steps in the process:

Seven:  Importance of Ergonomics,  Eight:  Selecting a Desk & Storage, Nine:  Personalize for Comfort and more…

The JOY of Design.