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Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #1-3 for Busy Professionals

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As an interior designer it is our job to educate and assist our clients in creating the space they desire.  In our last series of blog posts we outline the best practices to obtain a beautiful and functional kitchen, in our series titled SIX STEPS to Streamline the (Kitchen Remodel) Process for Consumers found here.

The subsequent space within your home which we will focus on next is the home office.  This is another hard-working space that thanks to our ever evolving use of technology, whether for personal or work related tasks needs to be designed as flexible to maximize function.  Today’s blog post will kick-off our first post in our new series titled Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals.

To help consumer’s navigate through the process of setting up a home office, we suggest they begin with these first steps:

Tip 1: Create a Budget    Start-up costs for an office can be from $500 to $10,000 depending on the type of communication and technology equipment your particular business needs. Include in your budget estimate equipment, telephone and wireless installation, office supplies, furniture, window coverings and accessories.

Tip 2:  The Right Location    Take a minute to survey your house or apartment for a location to minimize distractions. You need not have a separate room, as long as you designate an area for your workspace, which you call your own, which is not shared for other daily activities by your family. For you this may be an alcove off your kitchen or living room or even a large closet converted with a built-in desk for working hours and hidden behind doors for leisure/sleeping hours.

Tip 3: Type of Environment    For your home office consider the current style of your existing furnishings and the environment you feel comfortable working in.  Your office should blend with this interior environment not compete with it.  Your type of business, whether clients visit your space and the atmosphere of the physical building are important factors in the creating the right environment.

These first three steps of our Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals simply calls for planning and surveying your needs to begin the process of designing your space.  Set aside time this week to access your needs, location and environment then decide which space you will use.

In our next blog post we will discuss the next steps in the process of setting up a home office:

Four:  Consider Color,  Five:  Effects of Light,  &  Tip Six:  Distraction of Noise

The JOY of Design.



Photo Credit: All About Interiors, Design Your Home Office Followng Zen Principles.

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