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Kitchen Remodel STEP 1: WORK SESSION Storage Evaluation & Item Purge

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Before I begin working with a new client on their kitchen remodel, I advise them to set aside a few hours for a Work Session for evaluating their TRUE storage needs and to purge unused items that have landed in this central activity hub of our modern home. This is a great start for anyone wishing to update or remodel their kitchen and an easy (and free) first investment towards creating your future beautiful and functional kitchen.

Here are the steps to follow to begin a Work Session and get your kitchen ready for a designers site visit:

  1. Clear the counters, put food items away, remove paperwork, etc.,
  2. Empty the dishwasher
  3. Bring your kitchen to an ordinary state of clean before you begin.
  4. Fill your sink with hot soapy water for quick clean-up and rinse of dusty items
  5. Gather together: (4) Sturdy Boxes, Box Large Trash Bags, Recycling Bins, Paper Towels and/or Sponges
  6. Label your boxes as follows:

Put Away (Kitchen) for items that belong in another location in the kitchen

Put Away (Elsewhere) for strays from other areas of the house

Give Away (Donate) for items for donation or to give away to family/friends

Storage (Garage or Attic) for holiday possessions to be stored away are entrusted to the storage boxes.

NOW your are ready to begin the process. Any broken, damage or unusable items belong either the trash or your recycling bins. You’ll start from top to bottom and will work on each cupboard and drawer until all items have been assessed and then move on to the next area. If you also wipe down drawers and shelves as you go and you’ll have an organized and clean kitchen when your day is done.

Consider, if your young children are home during this purging process, you may want to occupy them with an activity (movie/craft/etc.) or have your partner and you take turns between parenting and our kitchen Work Session. Other things to keep in mind: set a time limit, stay on task (only tackle the kitchen/dinning areas), finish this session in one day to insure it is completed.

You decide what works best in your home, but a few work session general rules are: if you use it only once a year it’s resting place should be in storage box, if it is broken/damage place into your trash/recycling, if you haven’t ever used a particular gadget or kitchen tool donate it today (see this article from the Washington Post for specific items to let go), if it is final home isn’t your kitchen, then place it into the box labeled put away, to be distributed to its proper place at the end of the day.

This process can be time consuming, depending the size of your kitchen and the number of years you’ve lived in your current home, but well worth the effort for three key reasons, your kitchen will be tidy by days end, you will be familiar with all your belongings, tools, wares and a clean slate has been established to begin your kitchen design and planning.  

The JOY of Design.


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey/ for The Washington Post

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