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Kitchen Remodel STEP 3: NEW APPLIANCES Making Selections

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The next step in the kitchen remodel process we suggest is to Visit a Home Appliance Store, to help our clients’ survey the kitchen appliance marketplace to narrow down the infinite choices of equipment available. This is the third step in our process of updating or remodeling a kitchen. Buyers beware appliance selection can be an overwhelming experience that easily waylays your kitchen remodel’s progress without preparation, so we recommend you follow our six steps below to make this a manageable task.

What exactly should you prepare before a Store Visit? Spend some time in advance and you can make this trip worth the valuable “free time” you set aside for this task and reduce your total hours spent shopping for appliances.

Here are the steps to follow both before and during a visit to a Home Appliance Store:

  1. Create a list of appliances you would like to purchase in your dream kitchen.  Your list may include the three items in a kitchen work triangle: Refrigerator, Oven and/ Range, Dishwasher (sink/plumbing research separately). It may also include luxury appliances: Microwave, Wine Chiller, Espresso Machine, etc.
  2. Before even stepping into a store, I recommend you check out Consumer Reports advice on the appliances on your list first. Either online with paid subscription or by purchasing their Consumer Reports Magazine: Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide Special Issue, available at most large bookstores.
  3. Read up on the key styles and features of each appliance you’ll be purchasing for your kitchen remodel.  Example: Today’s Refrigerators come in five styles: Top-Freezer, Side-by-Side, Bottom- Freezer, Built-In, and Cabinet-Depth.  First select style then compare brands on features, such as: Capacity, Size, Energy Efficiency, Noise, Water Dispenser, Ice Maker and Finish Options.  Note style preferences and rank features importance on a scale 5-high to 1-low importance.
  4. Visit a Home Appliance Store on a weekday, either with your designer or solo to “kick the tires” on those appliances you will be replacing and purchasing. Make sure to bring along your list with feature ranking. Note your preferences, must have features, price range and collect cut sheets from those items you are considering to purchase.
  5. When you find a helpful sales clerk note his or her name, their contact information and ask about upcoming promotions. Many big box stores and department stores have yearly discounts on appliances annually on certain holiday weekends, which can save you 10-30% simply by purchasing your selection during their sale.
  6. Gather together all your appliance research by type, place images, specification and pricing sheets into plastic sheets inside your Idea Book.

This process can be done on a single day or couple of days, if you choose to visit multiple stores.  Your efforts in Step 3 will be rewarded for two key reasons, you will have determined your appliance preferences, and gathered actual specification and pricing to share with your interior designer at your next meeting.

The JOY of Design.

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