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Kitchen Remodel: STEP 5 Fixture & Finish Selections Streamlined

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A challenging point in the kitchen remodel process for many home owners is their Fixture & Finish selections.  We recommend our clients strive to make final selections promptly by completing selections for each key element of their kitchen before moving on to the next.  Indecision will cost you in additional design fees and project delays, but it can also stall a project’s progress and momemum.

To help consumer’s navigate through this fifth step in our process of renovating a kitchen, we suggest you make decisions in the following order:

Cabinetry: Construction Type, Door Style, Drawer Style, Wood Species, Finish Color

Hardware:  Manufacture, Model, Finish

Countertop: Material Type, Manufacture, Color

Backsplash: Location, Height, Material Type, Manufacture, Color

Flooring: Pattern (or Non), Material Type, Manufacture, Color,

Light Fixtures:  Style, Manufacture, Model, Finish

Sink & Faucet:  Style, Manufacture, Model, Finish

As an interior designer it is our assignment to narrow the selections, so once you have provided your personal preferences in the preliminary design phase and through your IDEA BOOK creation (Step 2 of our SIX STEPS to Streamline the Process for Consumers), we will then provide you with specific manufacture available chooses for each interior element.

In our practice we provide our clients with a maximum of three options for each of the above outlined key Fixture & Finish elements. This keeps the selection process simple and allows clients to be collaborators in the design process. We advise you go with your “gut feeling” when making decisions then more on to next item.

Also we suggest you layout the finish options provided on your existing kitchen counter on top of neutral backdrop and revisit them over a 48 hour cycle. This allows you to experience the finish options in natural light and to make your selection in the actual interior environment they will be installed. Finally, be honest if you do not find any of the choices presented acceptable, it is not uncommon for design professionals to present a second round of key Fixture & Finish options for home owner’s to arrive at the best solution to create a beautiful and functional interior.

The JOY of Design.


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