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Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #7, 8, 9 & 10

Posted in business, home office, and steps to your remodel

Today’s blog post is the final post in our series titled Ten TIPS for Setting up a Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for Busy Professionals.  In this post we will discuss the final steps in the process:  Numbers Seven: Importance of Ergonomics, Eight: Selecting a Desk & Storage, Nine:  Personalize for…

Home Office Set-Up: TIPS #1-3 for Busy Professionals

Posted in business, interior design, small business, and steps to your remodel

As an interior designer it is our job to educate and assist our clients in creating the space they desire.  In our last series of blog posts we outline the best practices to obtain a beautiful and functional kitchen, in our series titled SIX STEPS to Streamline the (Kitchen Remodel)…

Kitchen Remodel: STEP 5 Fixture & Finish Selections Streamlined

Posted in expansion, interior design, and steps to your remodel

A challenging point in the kitchen remodel process for many home owners is their Fixture & Finish selections.  We recommend our clients strive to make final selections promptly by completing selections for each key element of their kitchen before moving on to the next.  Indecision will cost you in additional…

Kitchen Remodel STEP 2: IDEA BOOK Determining Your Personal Style

Posted in interior design, planning, and steps to your remodel

One of the first ways we help our clients’ survey the kitchen remodeling market and begin to narrow down the array of endless design choices, is to begin with creating a personal Idea Book. This is a great second step in the process of updating or remodeling a kitchen and an exciting exercise towards creating…